A passport is a very important document. It should be kept upto date by renewing it before it expires. Its loss should be reported immediately to the local police authorities and also to the nearest Indian Embassy / Consulate General.

Indian passports can be renewed any time from one year before, to six months after the actual date of expiry. If the passport is already ten years old and has finally expired, a new passport will be issued. Final expiry is indicated on the passport by the letter “F” or the word “Final” mentioned after the date of expiry on the passport. Three passport size photographs are to be submitted along with the application duly filled in for issuance of a new passport booklet. In case there is any change in appearance, one of these photographs should be duly attested by a Notary Public. However, if the passport has not expired finally, the same booklet is renewed.

The forms for renewal of Indian passports and for issuance of new passport booklets are different and appropriate forms are required to be filled in. All applicants for passport services are also required to submit photocopies of their Resident Alien Cards or proof of their lawful residence in USA. Passports of visitors can be extended only for a short period to facilitate their return to India.

Duplicate Passports:

The issuance of duplicate passports in lieu of lost or damaged passports is handled under a special procedure. A duplicate passport can only be issued to an applicant on confirmation of the particulars of the lost passport from the original Passport Issuing Authority and receipt of the clearance of the Ministry of External Affairs. All applicants for duplicate passports must fill out
(i) one copy of the new passport application form and
(ii) six copies of ‘Personal Particulars Proforma’.
These forms must be filled in correctly, completely and legibly. Generally it takes at least eight to ten weeks to obtain confirmation of passport particulars and the clearance from the Government of India. However, if one pays fax charges, telegraphic references are made. Paying fax charges cannot guarantee issuance of a duplicate passport within any fixed time-frame.

Renewal, Miscellaneous Services and New Passport application forms are distributed free of cost. These forms can also be freely duplicated. The application forms can be downloaded from web sites at the following address: